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Solution Architect by profession. Inspiring software engineers & leaders through my writing using 16 years of industry experience —


Don't worry if you are not a programmer. These jokes will still tickle your funny bones.

Funny software engineering and programming jokes.
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Software engineers are the true unsung heroes. They build the world's software, so it is hard not to be mindful about it! However, these tech-savvy creatives have a good sense of humor. They thrive in challenging situations with creativity on full display.

Life without laughter would not be very fulfilling…

Define your career path based on precisely what you want

Questions for building a successful career in software engineering.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I often see people get into the software profession full of enthusiasm and excitement to make it big. But soon, they fall prey to the daily grind of office culture and lose track of their initial dreams. …

Learn to identify the red flags and take timely action to safeguard your career

A girl sitting on a sofa looking worried.
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

We all want to work in the right company that we’re passionate about. But it can be difficult to know when you’ve found the perfect company for you and your career goals.

Simultaneously, a company with an unhealthy work environment can kill your motivation, make you less productive, and in…

Learn the techniques that can make a positive difference to your career trajectory

Software engineer sitting in front of her laptop.
Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

I don’t breathe or dream code; neither I am an expert in data structure and algorithms. Compared to the talents in the software industry, I consider myself an average programmer. However, even with the average coding skills, I have never stopped growing in my career.

With my sixteen years of…

Earn even while you are sleeping by sharing what you already know

Software engineers can earn money while they are sleeping.
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Software engineers have a plethora of knowledge that can earn them money on the side. However, a tiny percentage of engineers know how to utilize their expertise to build a profitable side hustle without leaving their day job.

For a long time, I was like most developers who thought side…

Make the best out of the phase while it lasts

Three people sitting on stairs holding laptop and phone.
Photo by Buro Millennial from Pexels

When I got into software engineering as a junior developer, I wanted to perform my best and grow as fast as possible. I worked with my seniors, learned a lot from them, spent most of my time coding, and hoped to become a senior developer soon.

I knew I could…

Learn what is required to thrive in your career as a successful architect

Photo by Borja Lopez from Pexels

A software architect role is a coveted and critical position in any organization.

Architects are expected to collaborate with stakeholders for envisioning solutions, modeling designs, and delivering robust products. They shoulder a lot of responsibility and are generously paid for their contribution.

Hence, most developers aspire to become an architect…

Learn how to overcome these challenges to build a successful and high-performing team

Three men looking strangely at you.
Image by Szilárd Szabó from Pixabay

Software engineers are always passionate about working on new projects. They get motivated by challenging assignments. They measure their achievements based on how many goals they accomplish.

However, the enthusiasm of the initial days does not last for long. As the project progresses, the team motivation gets lost in the…

#5 — Developer’s Ego

A software developer running against time to meet deadline.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Productivity is core to both individual and team success.

Software engineers cannot grow in their careers if they are not productive. It does not matter how many hours they put into the job; if the outcome does not match the expectation, their entire effort can be futile.

Today we have…

Lokajit Tikayatray

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