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Everyday — learning a bit more & trying to be better than yesterday. Favorite pastime — Solution Architect for a Fortune 100 tech company. Yes, I love my job :)

Know the traits that can set your software career on a high growth path

colorful hot air balloon against a blue sky
colorful hot air balloon against a blue sky

I always feel that the software profession offers one of the most promising careers out there. It is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. With every passing year, more and more software engineers are joining the force.

Every software engineer wants to make it big in their careers. It is given that most of them are technically good and proficient in one or more programming languages. And many feel technical knowledge is all that they need to thrive.

However, only a few of these passionate software developers can grow exponentially in their careers. They can achieve the goals…

How many of them have you heard of before?

When we all are talking about c, c++, Java, Python, etc. there are some languages that are not only difficult but are almost incomprehensible for most software developers.

These languages are called esoteric programming language (or esolang).

An esolang is not designed for commonplace software development purposes. They are intended as a proof of concept or as a joke.

Here is a list of the five most difficult esoteric languages. I tried executing the ‘Hello World!’ program in each of these languages, and it is fun.


Malbolge was invented in 1998 by Ben Olmstead. …

Learn how to excel at giving presentations and boost your career prospects

Wall art
Wall art

In 2017, our team was going through the initial phases of the historic Dell-EMC merger. We had to present the existing Dell processes to the EMC business and vice versa. My task was to explain how Dell handles warranties internally.

The room was filled with more than 50 business people from both companies. There were many more attendees on the conference call from all over the globe. Even though I have become confident when presenting to senior leadership, this was still challenging for me.

The presentation went exceptionally well. The rapport established that day helped our team work closely with…

Habits performed regularly make the difference


A software architect is an engineer who focuses on solving business or technical problems by creative use of available technology.

Many roles in a software team perform similar activities. However, there is a significant difference between a software architect and others who do architecture work.

An architect spends most of their time focusing on design and finding solutions, whereas others spend most of their time implementing the solution. Hence, being an architect is more about focus and role rather than about capability.

To thrive in their role, every architect needs to execute three fundamental responsibilities regularly. …

It comes down to one programming principle — ETC

How to identify attributes of good code
How to identify attributes of good code

In software development, a piece of perenially recurring advice is to write good code. As a programmer, you must be already aware of the importance of it. Good code helps to produce scalable and maintainable systems for a long time to come.

You can read a piece of code and decide for yourself whether it is good or not. But there is more to good code than what meets the eyes. One single programming principle that captures the essence of a good code in three simple words is — ‘Easy To Change’ (ETC).

ETC — Easy To Change

Like everything else in life, change is…

Struggle #5 — People assume they lack leadership quality

Person staring out at the ocean
Person staring out at the ocean

I have worked with two types of quiet programmers in my career: one chooses to maintain their calm and keep quiet; the other finds it challenging to speak up and therefore stays quiet.

The first category of programmers has high confidence in their ability. They know when to speak up, gain appropriate visibility, and seize the best opportunities. Achieving success in their career is not a problem for them.

However, the second category of developers faces a lot of hurdles in their workplace. They find it hard to express their ideas and concerns. …


Jokes from programmer’s daily life to tickle your funny bones

A girl laughing her hearts out.
A girl laughing her hearts out.

Contrary to popular belief, a programmer’s life is filled with exciting actions. It might look dull and mundane from the outside. But if you take a peek into the inside world of software programmers, you will be amazed at how fast-paced it is.

Here are ten funny jokes from the life of such programmers to make you go ROFL.

0. The born brave senior developer

Legacy code is everywhere. What you write today becomes old and buggy in a couple of years. Requirements keep changing, patches get added, busy programmers forget to follow coding standards, etc. …

#3. How can they leave a defect in the code?

Common complains of software programmers.
Common complains of software programmers.

Programmers make many mistakes during their day-to-day job. It is pretty common to compromise on some best practices while delivering code within a tight deadline. And sometimes, the quality of the code suffers merely due to the laziness of the programmer.

However, when the same developers see someone else’s code, they complain a lot about the code quality. They crib about details that may or may not be critical for the functionality. Sometimes, the complaints might be about behavioral issues, which the developers make knowingly or unknowingly.

Here is a list of five common mistakes that developers complain about a…

Avoid these traits and thrive in your software career

Female holding their hands over their face — distressed
Female holding their hands over their face — distressed

Bright software developers put their best effort to learn and grow fast in the initial few years of their careers. However, after succeeding in the beginning years, many of these programmers find their careers stagnated. They lose motivation as they cannot progress as much as they expected.

These once-promising software engineers fail to figure out what they are doing wrong to impede their growth. They ignore the fact that software engineering is not all about coding. Hence, knowingly or unknowingly, they make several mistakes that prove counterproductive for their career.

With a decade and a half of experience in the…

Make real profit in cryptocurrency

Avoid making these worst cryptocurrency investment mistakes to make real profits.
Avoid making these worst cryptocurrency investment mistakes to make real profits.

There is a reason why every video or article on cryptocurrency investments asks you to do your own research before investing. But can you do the required research on your own? Do you have the requisite knowledge to understand the technology, terminology, ecosystem, etc., to predict the future of specific cryptocurrencies?

I am into technology for more than a decade and a half, thanks to my profession. I understand some of the terms and technical aspects behind cryptocurrency and blockchain. But that still is nothing to help predict or understand the future growth.

Neither can the vast majority of the…

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