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Learn how to build your brand as a new manager by overcoming these challenges

Are you facing challenges as a new manager?
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Being a first-time manager can be challenging. You might be an excellent individual contributor, hence got promoted to be a manager. Or, you always wanted to lead and worked towards making it happen.

In either case, having no prior experience makes it a daunting task to get started and excel…

Find out if you already possess these skills. And, if not, learn these skills to become a true senior developer.

Learn the must-have skills for senior developers.
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When looking for a new software job, the term ‘senior developer’ is thrown around often. You may feel that it’s just another word for ‘experienced,’ but there is more to it than that.

There are specific skills and traits that define a senior developer. Or, in other words, every senior…

And how to overcome them to have a successful career

Challenges faced by software developers.
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Every software developer faces several challenges when it comes to being an effective programmer. Some of these challenges are unique to the individual and their development process. But, most challenges are common to all developers regardless of their experience and skill level.

In my sixteen-year career as a software engineer…

Learn these lessons to avoid mistakes and have a successful software career

Career lessons learned from incompetent software programmers.
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Usually, we all aspire to learn from successful people. They can show us how to overcome challenges and grow in our careers. Their knowledge holds a lot of value as they have first-hand experience achieving what we desire to accomplish.

However, we should also learn what not to do to…


Don't worry if you are not a programmer. These jokes will still tickle your funny bones.

Funny software engineering and programming jokes.
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Software engineers are the true unsung heroes. They build the world's software, so it is hard not to be mindful about it! However, these tech-savvy creatives have a good sense of humor. They thrive in challenging situations with creativity on full display.

Life without laughter would not be very fulfilling…

Learn to identify the red flags and take timely action to safeguard your career

A girl sitting on a sofa looking worried.
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We all want to work in the right company that we’re passionate about. But it can be difficult to know when you’ve found the perfect company for you and your career goals.

Simultaneously, a company with an unhealthy work environment can kill your motivation, make you less productive, and in…

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